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What song is Sauvignon Blanc?

Written by  Melanie Brown
Could Sauvignon Blanc be Aretha Franklin's Respect? Could Sauvignon Blanc be Aretha Franklin's Respect?

Just what song epitomizes Sauvignon Blanc to you and why? That was the question Melanie Brown put to a number of writers and commentators both here in New Zealand and around the world, prior to Savuignon 19.

Below is the response she got.

Cameron Douglas MS: Abba’s Voulez Vous 

“Like Sauvignon Blanc, it hits from the first beat, it is persistent and unforgiving, but after a while it is all okay and the next track might be a bit more complex and meaningful. “

Andrea Frost: Pink – So What

“New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is pure pleasure to the masses, has flown in the face of critic’s opinions, and like Pink who makes her own wine, has winemaking pedigree entwined with mass market appeal.”

Jamie Goode: ACDC’s – You Shook Me All Night Long.

“ACDC were one of the first bands I loved. I think the music – raw, fun and quite like nothing else; matches well with how I see New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. There’s nothing like it, and at its best it’s raw, exotic, surprising and capable of shaking our palates.”

Mike Bennie: The Stranglers – Golden Brown 

“The song was allegedly a homage to heroin, but also the focus of a love interest…a fitting parable? Sauvignon Blanc has been the gateway drink for many new drinkers, an addiction for many and a panacea for the New Zealand wine industry particularly.”

Robert Joseph: David Bowie’s Rebel Rebel

“Captures the impact and confusion New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc created when it first appeared….stylish and disruptive.”

Bob Campbell MW: Crowded House – Weather With You   

“Like Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Crowded House is a true kiwi icon. ‘You can fight the sleep but not the dream.’ ‘Things ain’t cooking in my kitchen.’ ‘Strange affliction wash over me.’ Makes me wonder whether Neil and Tim Finn might had had a glass or two before they wrote those words.”

Jane Parkinson: Beatles - Come Together 

“This very innocently titled track epitomises New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc for me because of its crowd-pleasing, lip smacking juiciness making it the perfect wine for the coming together of people.” 

Madeleine Strenwreth MW: Pharrell Williams – Happy

“New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is flirty, exuberant and the happiest face at the party. However, it becomes sad when others don’t understand that beyond the glossy surface lies a wealth of style, diversity, honesty and sincerity.”

Nick Stock: Hayden James – Just Friends 

“Fresh, catchy and melodic. The lyrical sentiments are about just going with feelings, not over-thinking and just being in the moment. Producers and consumers are free to revel in its simple attractiveness.” 

Melanie Brown: Aretha Franklin – Respect

“The evolution of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has captivated the world since day one. Respect should be applied not only to the varietal but the wide range of producers that have ensured its position and perception is retained across the globe. We are starting to see it’s success become infinite; enamoring occasions with sass appeal, personality and quality. Respect.”

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