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Matt Kramer and Sam Harrop MW. Matt Kramer and Sam Harrop MW.

Some of the best quotes to emerge from Sauvignon 2019.

“A handful of very important opinion makers in the world of wine, look at Sauvignon Blanc as they would look at a cross bred puppy. Adorable, cute, lively and playful – but lacking true class, nuance and complexity.”

— Sam Harrop MW

“If we can’t be doing the same thing on the same land in the same community on the same planet in 100 or 1000 years, then it is not sustainable.”

— Geoff Thorpe 

“We know more about the genetics of grape vines than anybody cares to think about in terms of consumers. We don’t know anything about consumers.”

— Tim Hanni MW

“Ask two wine experts at the top of their game to define terroir and you will get four different answers.”

— Sam Harrop MW

“A commodity wine is a race to the bottom. You can’t afford to do that.”

— Matt Kramer

“There is no other place in the world that is long and skinny, situated in the sweet latitudes for agricultural production, that is over 1000 miles away from its nearest big island or continent, surrounded by a temperate ocean and has beautiful fertile soils.”

— Steve Smith MW

“Sauvignon becomes the most remarkable complex, really profound vehicle for the expression of terroir and of the producer. Is that not what a great wine is?”

— Emma Jenkins MW

“64.4 percent of all bottles of New Zealand wines are sold in the UK on promotion. To me that is an alarming figure.”

—Justin Howard-Sneyd MW

 “(You) are the most preposterous, unpredictable success story in the history of modern wine, bar none. You’ve caught lightening in the bottle in the last 40 years.”

— Matt Kramer


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