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Editorial - Around the world

Written by  Sophie Preece

And they're off! After nearly three years 'Zooming' around the world while grounded in New Zealand, winemakers, viticulturists and marketers are taking flight.

This month's Postcard is from Greywacke founder Kevin Judd, writing in from a sales trip to London. "Whilst Zoom taught us that some things can be done remotely, there really is nothing like being there, so once the Kiwi border quarantine was lifted, the Greywackers were back on tour," he says.

Our globally recognised scientists are back on the road as well, ensuring our research informs, and is informed by, the global reservoir of knowledge. Dr Amber Parker, Senior Lecturer in Viticulture at Lincoln University, was one of the New Zealand scientists in Canada last month for the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium, with its theme of climate change adaptation and innovation.

In this month's Point of View Amber talks of the impact of climate change on grape production, and a "three-pronged approach" to safeguarding the future of our wine industry. The first is understanding the impacts, including the likes of advanced veraison, the second is experimenting with adaption techniques, such as drought resistant rootstocks, more efficient water use, and management practices to delay phenology and ripening. "The third key point is looking at our carbon footprint," says Amber. "And with rising diesel prices, there is no better time than now to get serious about it."

This month's Winegrower Magazine has a focus on companies who are getting serious about understanding, reducing and offsetting their carbon emissions, in line with New Zealand Winegrowers' commitment to the inudstry being carbon neutral by 2050. It takes an unrelenting push for continuous improvement, say those companies on a climate action journey to safeguard more than the wine industry.

It's not enough to make gains then rest on your laurels explains Greystone Viticulturist Mike Saunders, who's on this month's cover. "If you are already doing parts of it, that's great. What can you do next?"

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Editorial - Around the world

Editorial - Around the world

And they're off! After nearly three years 'Zooming' around the world while grounded in New Zealand, winemakers, viticulturists and marketers…

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