Tuesday, 01 March 2022 16:30

Wine for a lifetime

Written by  Bob Campbell

OPINION: How much would you pay to get four bottles of wine each month for the rest of your life?

California-based Obvious Wines are offering exactly that. For just US$6,000 you can choose any four bottles from their website and receive four bottles each month for as long as you live.

That includes shipping costs and taxes.

The most expensive bottles on their website when I last checked were an Italian sparkling Rosé and a French fizz for US$28 each. If you managed to survive for just four-and-a-half years you would be ahead.

A healthy 21-year-old could enjoy 2,784 bottles of wine worth a total of US$77,952 if they lived to the age of 79, the current life expectancy for United States residents, according to The Drinks Business. “We’re actively discouraging people to buy this,” says a statement on their website. “We’ve done the math and it is a really bad deal for us, but hey, you only live once. And with the way inflation is going, this might be a pretty sound investment on your end. Who knows how much a bottle of Obvious Wines will cost in 10 years?”

If a solid diet of European fizz is not your thing, you could always trade down to US$18 a bottle wines such as a Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc called Bright and Crisp, a Chilean Pinot Noir blend called Light and Lively or a blended red from Paso Robles called Dark and Bold.

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