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Haere Ra 2023: Gisborne, Tairawhiti

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Annie Millton. Annie Millton.

Thirty-nine years after establishing The Millton Vineyards near Manutuke, Annie Millton reflects on the opportunities and challenges in Tairāwhiti, the first wine region in the world to see the sunrise each day.

The Good

Gisborne is renowned for producing exceptional Chardonnay with distinct character and quality, earning international recognition and acclaim from wine enthusiasts and experts around the world. Gisborne's wineries benefit from a unique terroir characterised by our young fertile soils, ample sunshine, dry farmed vines and a favourable climate, contributing to the production of wines with distinctive flavours and a strong sense of regional identity.

The Bad

Gisborne's limited economic diversification. Gisborne's economy heavily relies on primary industries like agriculture, forestry, and fishing, which can make it vulnerable to market fluctuations and environmental changes. Gisborne's geographic location, relatively distant from major urban centres, can pose challenges in terms of access to certain services, resources, and markets, affecting both businesses and residents.

& The Awesome

Collaboration and innovation: The Winemakers in Gisborne often collaborate and share knowledge, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the local wine industry, leading to the development of new winemaking techniques and the production of innovative and exceptional wine varieties.

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Tree to trolley strategy key to success

Citrus is big in Gisborne, but surprisingly there are only a few large scale commercial growers. Instead, as Peter Burke reports, the small to medium growers are the big suppliers and their helping hand comes in the form of a company called Fresh First.

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On the outskirts of Gisborne a huge new greenhouse is being erected, complete with its own water supply, to potentially help make the town the 'salad capital of NZ'. Peter Burke explains.

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