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Where are the women?

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Some of the members of the 2019 Meat Blacks. Some of the members of the 2019 Meat Blacks.

The New Zealand meat sector has come under fire online for its leaders’ lack of diversity.

On Wednesday, Meat Export NZ published the ‘2019 Meat Blacks’, a list of the meat industry’s leaders going into 2019. Of the team, 14 are men with just one woman.

The list has sparked a discussion online about the New Zealand meat industry’s lack of recognised female leadership.

Agriculture leader Lindy Nelson MNZM said female leadership in the industry exists but it appears “token” and is “invisible”. This is despite industry initiatives to train more women.

Julia Jones, farm enterprise specialist at KPMG said the meat industry’s leaders should reflect the customer.

Deer farmer Duncan Humm had other ideas.

Melissa Clark-Reynolds ONZM says it’s time for men to stand up for the women being represented in the meat industry’s leadership.

The list also included other positions, mostly male. On the bench are seven men. Team management consists of 12 men and one woman. The cheerleaders consists of seven men, three women and the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Iron Maidens, a group of women. The referee consists of four men.


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