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Combine maize header speeds harvest

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New Holland has launched a redesigned combine maize header that speeds crop gathering and feeding, accelerating the whole harvesting task.


 Available in five-, six- and eight-row flip-up versions and a 12-row rigid version, all headers can be fitted with the maker’s award-winning Cornrower system. 

“These headers have been completely redesigned… and have undergone rigorous field testing,” says Kyle Baxter, New Holland NZ operations manager. They match the productivity and capacity of New Holland’s flagship CR and CX Elevation combine ranges, and also produce outstanding results when fitted to the CX5000 and CX6000 and ranges.”

The dividers are made entirely of polyethylene, so that during “aggressive” harvesting they always return to their original shape. They absorb the impact of falling ears and retain them, reducing ‘bounce-out’ losses. Also, their grooved design directs loose kernels to the feeder and the replaceable wear strips extend their operating lifespan. 

Baxter says the shorter header points better follow ground contours to prevent ‘run-down’ of crops, useful when working in terraces or in fields where turns may be tight.

Optional, heavy duty integrated stalk choppers can be fitted for super-fine chopping and spreading of mulched material, said to beperfect for minimum or no-till operations. The cutting blade is situated beneath the header and operators can engage each row unit individually to enhance operating efficiency. 

Baxter says if the weather necessitates harvesting laid maize crops, “In order to maintain forward speed for efficient harvesting, the header’s front profile has been redesigned to expose the gathering chains. This system actively ratchets in the laid stalks.”

Meanwhile, the powered auger divider has been relocated to the outside of the side shields which reduces losses in standing maize, as all stalks are safely gathered and do not fall over the edge. When operating without the powered dividers, the concave shape of the side shields will catch any falling ears and transfer them into the header for processing. This reduces losses and lifts operating profitability. 

Maize headers are available in rigid and flip-up configurations. 

The twelve-row rigid header has 70-75cm row spacing and so suits intensive maize operations. The flip-up five-, six- and eight-row variants have been designed for transport intensive businesses which need to minimise productivity-impacting transport time. When folded, all flip-up headers measure no more than 3.5m for transport. 

All header points and dividers are raised by gas struts, as are the side shields. The dividers can easily be removed without tools.

The machine’s row guidance gear uses a sensor which detects perpendicular entry of stalks into the header; it works with the combine’s auto-guidance system for even more efficient harvesting.

The award-winning Cornrower header system can be fitted to all maize headers and offers one-pass chopping and swathing. The maize stalks are fed into a bank of knives which deliver a super-fine chop. This chopped stover dries much quicker and can be used to make bales up to 15% denser. 

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