Tuesday, 24 November 2015 11:17

Fuel saving gear on all NH foragers

Written by  Mark Daniel
All models will come with fuel saving technology. All models will come with fuel saving technology.

2016 upgrades to New Holland FR self-propelled foragers include all models having ECO mode.

The mode reduces fuel consumption when the engine cannot be fully loaded, with the engine management system controlling engine speed to suit the job at hand.

The five models in the range (FR 480, FR 550, FR 650, FR 780 and FR 850) deliver 470, 544, 653, 775 and 824hp respectively.

The machines run FPT Industrial engines that meet Tier4B emission regulations; the four smaller machines run Cursor13 or 16 engines while the flagship FR850 sticks with the massive 20.1L Vector engine. With a combination of Ad-Blue / DEF and DOC to deal with emissions, the 2016 set-up is said to use 13% less fuel than the previous Tier 3 versions, but maintaining the same length of cut.
Along with the ECO mode running there is also an option of the NH Powercruise system, which monitors power use and can adapt forward speeds to achieve the highest work rate in variable conditions. The package is further enhanced by larger fuel and DEF tanks to enable longer intervals between refills.

At the front end of the machine, NH claims to have the largest feed channel in the industry, with a 750mm wide feed roll unit delivering to a chopping cylinder with a chevron knife layout. A choice of 2 x 8, 2 x 10 or 2 x 12 knives gives a range of chop lengths of 6-33mm, 5-27 mm or 4-22 mm respectively.

These machines come with the added bonus of the NH Hydroloc system, offering on-the-go adjustment of chop length as conditions dictate. This system can be used with the optional NH Activeloc system which monitors information from moisture and yield sensors to adjust length of cut automatically, based on moisture content, with the ability to adjust by up to 5mm over a 5% moisture change.

At the delivery end is a new spout layout with full length, replaceable side and top liners, a hard faced flipper at the spout's end and a larger flipper control ram. At the base of the spout improved lubrication cuts wear and tear.

Optional NH Intellifill will fill trucks or trailers automatically in all conditions.

The new cabin allows 360 degree views, giving an exceptionally uncluttered view of the header and spout areas. A deluxe air suspension seat offers auto weight adjustment, variable shock absorption and a host of adjustments to suit all shapes and sizes.

An optional leather luxury seat can be specified in the three larger models. A slim, double-jointed steering column and the CommandGrip control lever combine to offer fingertip control, while the Intelliview display screens monitors all machine functions.



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