Tuesday, 26 June 2018 12:47

NH combine raises the bar – again

Written by  Mark Daniel
New Holland’s new CR8 80 combine in action. New Holland’s new CR8 80 combine in action.

New Holland is planning to improve the performance and raise the power of its world record-holding CR Revelation combine harvester.

This will make the machine the world’s most powerful and give it record capacity.

A redesigned residue management system, improved crop flow and even more power will raise output by a further 10% and guarantee grain quality, NH says.

Optional on the four 22-inch models at the top of the range will be cab-controlled remote adjustable rotor vanes with steplessly variable positions between slow and fast, resulting in improved crop flow control and power efficiency gains. 

And the in-cab concave reset system is said to increase the combine’s productivity by reducing downtime in the case of a concave breakaway. This enables the operator to empty the rotors, stop the combine, re-arm the concaves automatically and then resume harvesting, saving the 20-30 minutes this would otherwise take if done manually.

The three the top-of-the-range models also have the maker’s Twin Pitch Plus rotors with 3-inch rasp-bars that increase power efficiency -- by 20kW in the CR8.90 and 28kW in the top CR10.90 model. These and higher rotor covers on the two smaller 17-inch models, the deep cut DFR and the power upgrade contribute to the claimed increases. 

The CR10.90 -- the world’s most powerful combine that holds the world record for wheat harvested in eight hours -- has had a 50hp power upgrade to now develop 700hp at maximum output. 

The CR8.80, largest of the two 17-inch CR models, also has more power (maximum 517hp) within its narrow frame format.

 Improvements to the straw chopper include a reinforced rotor, longer counter knives and increased chopper speed, resulting in a finer sample, a 50% reduction of long straw, wider spread and better distribution.

A new chaff spreader design has a patented air crop flow system replacing the traditional impact-based design. Spreading width has been increased to 15m adjustable from the cab. The powerful Opti-Spread system also uses 25% stronger motors, V-shaped paddles and cleaning scrapers. 

A revised colour scheme has the mainframe, grain pan and beater grate painted yellow, providing better visibility in the cleaning shoe. The grain tank is also repainted yellow for better visibility from the cab, allowing the operator to check the grain quality more easily.



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