Friday, 08 February 2019 17:01

Delay tactics

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While your old mate is on the topic of Landcorp – or Pamu as it likes to call itself these days – he reckons farmers and others are getting a little tired of the poor performing state farmer’s virtue signalling, but lack of real action where it counts.

Not content with spending taxpayers’ funds on giving cushy, over-paid ‘advisory roles’ to anti-farming types, or giving secret submissions to the Tax Working Group advocating for a swath of anti-farming taxes, it is now understood to be hiding behind the bureaucracy of government and the Official Information Act to stall providing answers to some pretty basic questions – posed by this fine organ – about how it runs its business. However, this old mutt has been told by the editorial team at Rural News that they will not be deterred by such obfuscation. All will be revealed very soon.



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