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Fatally flawed?

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A mate of the Hound – a former technician and founder of an electronics business – reckons the NAIT system has many big flaws.

Firstly, he reckons the system’s passive RFID works by reflecting its code to the antennae of the reader, but the reflective device (inside the ear tag) is easily destroyed by high voltage. “This is well known in the RFID industry,” the Hound’s mate explains. “But not apparently by NAIT.” Meanwhile, he also reckons NAIT information relies on people updating the system – known as batch processing – as it occurs after an event. “This is old fashioned and obsolete as the system needs to operate in real time to be effective.” He also says the current NAIT model with its multiple levels of reporting and animal handling is a recipe for failure.


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A rushed change to NAIT regulations has caused growing disquiet about the haste in which the new laws were passed under urgency in Parliament.

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National's agriculture spokesman, Nathan Guy, says while some of the NAIT changes were needed, their passing under urgency has prevented proper scrutiny of them.

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Recent changes to the NAIT regulations have generally been welcomed by the farming industry: DairyNZ and Beef + Lamb NZ are in favour, although Federated Farmers sees them as rushed.

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