Monday, 16 March 2020 09:54

Log jam

Written by  The Hound

This old mutt reckons those politicians, policy makers and lobbyists hell-bent on turning the country into one big pine plantation – in a madcap effort to reduce NZ’s 0.17% of the world’s carbon emissions – should take a look at what is currently happening to log exports.

Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak and the forest industry’s total reliance on the Chinese market, log exports have dried up and forestry workers and associated industries are losing work.

According to the Forest Owners Association, which has heavily backed the Government’s push to plant more trees on good farmland, coronavirus has resulted in almost “no off-take of logs in China for processing and the remaining log yard space at most ports near processing centres is quickly disappearing”. 

It seems the 50 Shades of Green lobby have even more ammunition to fight against the Government’s crazy tree scheme.



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