Thursday, 08 February 2018 11:49


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The Hound well remembers – like many of those in the primary sector – events of a couple of years ago, when the streets were full of protestors vehemently marching against the ‘awful, appalling, dreadful, shocking’ TPP trade deal.

Included in the mix of PM Jacinda Ardern, Trade Minister David Parker and high-ranked cabinet minister Andrew Little. However, now that Labour has signed up to the renamed CPTPP, with only very minor tweaks to the original TPP, it is now being championed by Ardern, Parker and Little. While the Hound is pleased to see the new government promote and progress trade deals, he is astounded at the hypocrisy of these politicians and the abject failure of mainstream media (far too busy coming up with baby names) to hold them to account for such duplicity.


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