Thursday, 07 November 2019 14:26

New native planting partnership

Written by  Sudesh Kissun
Plant for Good guarantees a survival rate of at least 90% for the first 24 months. Plant for Good guarantees a survival rate of at least 90% for the first 24 months.

Fonterra has announced a new partnership to reduce the cost of onfarm native planting.

The ‘Plant for Good’ deal between Farm Source and Wildlands will deliver plants and services to all Farm Source customers nationwide at a discounted rate. Fonterra chairman John Monaghan, who announced the partnership in Invercargill today, says “quite literally, it will mean you only have to plant once”. 

Plant for Good guarantees a survival rate of at least 90% for the first 24 months, achieved through expert plant selection, regionally sourced plants and ongoing maintenance.

Richard Allen, Director of Farm Source says farmers are increasingly being asked to do more when it comes to improving water quality, combating climate change, and reducing emissions. 

“They are ready to take on the challenge and our Co-op will continue to support them. 

“This season, our co-op launched the Cooperative Difference. It brings together existing on-farm requirements and makes them easier to understand. It also gives our farmers clear guidance on likely future requirements and supports them with regional advice and industry partnerships. 

“Plant for Good is in addition to the on-farm tools, services and solutions that the co-op already provides to help farmers run healthy and sustainable businesses.”

‘Plant for Good’ aligns with a farm’s Farm Environment Plan (FEP). An FEP is a tailored plan that identifies opportunities for improvement or risks that need to be addressed. 

“Farm Source team is able to use its scale, regional knowledge and expertise to develop FEPs with farmers at no additional cost. Already 23% of our farms have an FEP and we’re on track to ensure all farms have one by 2025,” says Allen. 

Wildlands chief executive Sarah Beadel says it is really excited to offer this exclusive pricing and service through Farm Source. 

“We know farmers are keen to plant for a variety of reasons and we’re here to support them, making sure that when they plant, they plant for good.”

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