Wednesday, 22 April 2020 10:29

Refreshed, versatile Fastrac 4000

Written by  Mark Daniel
JCB has refreshed the Fastrac 4000 series of tractors. JCB has refreshed the Fastrac 4000 series of tractors.

JCB has refreshed the Fastrac 4000 series tractors with heavy duty axles, front differential lock, new tyre options, factory-fitted precision guidance options and a new coupling system for swan-neck drawbar trailers and tankers.

The improvements coincide with the introduction of Stage V emissions-compliant engines in the shape of a new 6.6-litre, six-cylinder engine with DPF and SCR to comply with the required standards. In the case of the Fastrac 4220, rated power is 217 hp – that under load rises to 235hp – with oil and filter service intervals have been extended to 600 hours. 

Meanwhile, a new auto-stop feature eliminates unnecessary fuel use by shutting down the engine after a period at idling speed.

The new heavy-duty axles offer a load rating increase of one third, with more durability, have load ratings that are one third higher than before. These also have increased durability thanks to larger hubs, bearings and larger kingpin bearings. This should offer major advantages for tractors engaged in high-draft situations or when fitted with new tyre options such as VF category tyres that help deliver even higher levels of traction in the field.

The front axle is now fitted with a hydraulically engaged differential lock – rather than a limited slip unit – to further enhance tractive effort when conditions are slippery underfoot. 

The active suspension systems help to maintain a consistent ride height and optimal weight distribution over both axles, when one or more implements is attached. 

The hydraulic cylinder pressure for the Fastrac 4000’s multi-mode, four-wheel steering system has been increased to maintain a comfortable level of effort required at the steering wheel.

In addition, the deck can now be equipped with a new coupling option for slurry tankers and other trailed equipment fitted out with a swan-neck drawbar. 

Meanwhile, all models can be supplied with factory-installed ‘steering ready’ electronics infrastructure.

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