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Helping farmers make better use of farm data

Written by  Sudesh Kissun
Watermetrics says its can accurately report data to authorities and maintain a relationship with those authorities on the client’s behalf. Watermetrics says its can accurately report data to authorities and maintain a relationship with those authorities on the client’s behalf.

Farmers are getting more and more data but often struggle to decipher into strategies, says Watermetrics.

The company, which began as a water data collector, says it has a solid history in performing in this area.

“In recognising the data overload situation, we have developed not only easy-to-read presentations, but also a backup team to help you understand and better use the information we provide,” it says.

“We are happy to share information, which is a big step forward ahead of competition. We can set up targeted presentations for individual situations. We have onboard agronomy and soil knowledge and can give accurate, easy to interpret information that aids management decisions.”

Watermetrics says its can accurately report data to authorities and maintain a relationship with those authorities on the client’s behalf.

“Any audit or verification work is undertaken with qualified staff and we can do verification work nationally.

Our team interpret soil status to interpret best irrigation. This can combine satellite and advanced weather forecasting as well as water supply concerns, and crop agronomy requirements.

“We have been developing stock water systems where we can set up tank or pond level readings with alerts. This saves farm staff time. With our new Axioma meters for smaller diameter pipes we can measure what water has gone into a system and see if the right amount has arrived where it should. This is extremely helpful for leak detection work and has literally saved farmers time and money but also ensured stock are looked after.

“Many water users now need to supply clean water to their houses, apartments or rural stock water schemes. Not only can we measure and monitor tanks and flows we can set up and control clean water systems.

“This clean water aspect is growing in demand and requires the right kit for the specific situation. The setup of sensors and cleaning equipment needs professionalism and correct equipment, or you get little return on your investment.

“Our data displays are simple to understand and we can send alerts from this data for critical points to your cell phone. This saves time and provides peace of mind for the operator.”

Watermetrics has consolidated its range of equipment largely in the South Island. But it’s expanding its sales and service team. Watermetrics Hamilton team is available for work in most Northern locations.

Watermetrics says it’s extending its Lora network into Otago and Southland which will give a large number of farms access to the network.

“We will be at the National Field days and look forward to discussing how our services can add value to your farm business. Getting the best from your available water is all part of better business going forward,” it says.

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