Wednesday, 06 December 2017 17:20

Yeah, right

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This old mutt reckons Fonterra shareholders council chairman Duncan Coull has done nothing to dispel the oft-heard claim that his group is merely a lapdog of the Fonterra board.

Coull recently fronted up to an environmental hearing in Otorohanga to oppose a plan by Happy Valley Milk to set up a new milk processing plant in the district. He claimed he was not there opposing the new plant in his capacity as shareholders council chair, but as a “dedicated local community man”. However, his 21-page submission seemed a little too professional for a busy farmer to put together and had all the hallmarks of the Fonterra PR machine (crank crank). If the commissioners didn’t think Coull was there advocating for Fonterra, then I’ve got a bridge in Auckland I can sell them.


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