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Gallagher promises more zap!

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Gallagher will unveil its most powerful-ever energiser, a robust “supremely portable” strip grazing unit and a clever little dual purpose insulated handle.

The M10,000i Energizer packs a whopping 100 joules of stored energy to provide plenty of power over longer distances, says national sales manager Peter Nation.

“Combining sheer brute force with incredible intelligence, the unit delivers advanced monitoring capabilities to give farmers peace of mind their animals are where they should be. 

“A controller unit monitors performance and highlight any faults in the fencing system, and can be positioned up to 50m from the main Energizer in a conveniently accessed and highly visible location.” 

Optional accessories include a remote controller that enables the farmer to quickly locate faults within a monitored zone, turn the Energizer on or off remotely, and test a fence once a repair is completed.

 Also new to the Gallagher fencing range is the S10 Solar Energizer. Perfect for strip grazing, this robust and highly portable unit makes a great alternative to battery-powered systems, says Nation.

“We’ve put it through its paces in testing. The super tough casing is drop resistant and waterproof. And it’s effective even for areas of lower sunshine as it will continue to operate for up to three weeks without sun.”

The company has also extended their range of ring top posts by adding a new 728mm version that’s ideal for farmers who prefer a slightly lower fence height. Made from heavy duty glass-fibre nylon, the head eliminates the risk of shorting and makes it easier to handle and erect standards.

Also on the site will be two portable fencing handles – insulated and dual purpose. 

The connection hook of both these products has a ring top design to ensure the handle will not bounce off the fence wire. These handles can be attached to poly wire or poly tape using a simple loop. 

A streamlined design makes it easy to wind the handle in through pasture, and a large moulded hand grip avoids the risk of shock to the user. 

The dual purpose handle has extra connection points, allowing farmers to safely liven the fence from either the reel or handle end.


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