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Lewis Road releases ‘milk of milks’

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Gold Top A2 milk from Lewis Road Creamery. Gold Top A2 milk from Lewis Road Creamery.

Premium milk trader Lewis Road Creamery is now selling its Gold Top, organic, fresh Jersey milk containing the A2 ß-Casein protein.

The new milk, non-homogenised, is sourced from Jersey Girl Organics, Matamata, which produces milk under its own brand.

“We wanted to bring New Zealanders the crème de la crème... the very best milk this country has to offer; Jersey Girl Organics produces that,” says Lewis Road founder Peter Cullinane.

Lewis Road will now supply Jersey Girl Organics nationwide. 

The owner of Jersey Girl Organics, John Vosper, says the deal with Lewis Road enables them to extend the distribution of their Jersey milk NZ-wide.

“We are a passionate milking family but until now we’ve only sold our Jersey milk in a limited number of stores.  Now we can keep doing more of what we love, while tapping into Lewis Road’s expertise.”

Cullinane says his company has always had a soft spot for Jerseys.

“Jerseys produce less volume of milk than the larger Fresians but the milk is higher in butterfat which is why the taste is exquisite.”

The Gold Top milk also only contains A2 ß-casein protein, unlike most other milks that contain both the A1 and A2 proteins. 

“What’s amazing about Jersey Girl is that we can identify each and every cow -- they are even individually named -- and we know the whole herd’s history.” 

Lewis Road Creamery Gold Top Milk is available from supermarkets NZ-wide. 

It is packaged in an rPET bottle made from recycled plastic that is recyclable.

Lewis Road is also releasing limited quantities of Gold Top Milk in glass bottles.


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