Friday, 06 September 2019 13:55

Maelstrom kicks up a storm

Written by  Mark Daniel
West Maelstrom rear discharge spreader. West Maelstrom rear discharge spreader.

A new addition to Farmchief’s extensive range is aimed at using organic waste on farm, notably the West Maelstrom rear discharge manure spreader.

Built by the West family business in Shropshire, UK, the machine is available in nominal capacities of 8 or 14 cu.m with corresponding tare weights of 3.5 or 6.0 tonnes respectively.

It comprises a heavy-duty y-shape body with the bed chains -- twin 14 mm items for the model 8 and twin 18 mm for the model 14 -- moving material to twin, vertical rear beaters which rotate at 400 rpm. These have replaceable blades which shred material to a fine consistency for a uniform spread up to 12 m. 

Overload protection is by a driveline slip clutch with the 1000 rpm input shaft equipped with a wide angle set-up.

The Maelstrom series particularly suits farmyard manures but can be equipped with a hydraulically actuated vertical guillotine style door to handle semi solid material or slurry.

LED lights and tractor style tyres are standard on both models and the larger machine has a sprung drawbar. 

Options include light protectors, onboard weighing systems and GPS telemetry for proof of placement.

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