Friday, 08 March 2024 10:55

Samasz sets its sights high

Written by  Mark Daniel

Since its arrival in New Zealand, Polish mower manufacturer Samasz, currently celebrating 40 years in business, has carved a niche with its highend butterfly style triple set-ups.

The company has now identified NZ as one of their Top 10 countries for growth and set their distributor FarmShop the lofty target of market leader in hay mower sales by 2027.

To achieve this target, FarmShop – which has qualified technicians recently trained at Samasz HQ in Poland – is rolling out a nationwide team service agents and when customers commit to an annual servicing programme, their warranty will increase from two to three years.

With a presence in more than 70 countries, and having built more than 160,000 mowers produced since 1984, Samasz works closely with its distributors and end users to customise mowers to suit local conditions. Examples include stone-proof knife holders, replaceable stone protectors, and the development of thicker spur gears with bevelled edges to reduce maintenance costs.

Featuring very high blade tip speeds, an important factor in mower performance as it provides a cleaner and faster cut, the Samasz quickchange blades are now longer than their initial design, meaning a closer cut with no striping.

Attention to detail sees a 5-stage paint process that sees every part shot blasted, rust treated and given two coats of electrophoretic paint for longer life and increased durability.

For contractor Steve Wood from Dargaville, who bought a set of KDD941 triples in July 2019, he has mown more than 10,000 hectares, the given its current condition, hopes to get another 10,000 hectares through the machine.

“This is our go-to mower; it runs daily and deals with very rough acres. I’ve seen it run over many things that cockies have left in the paddocks, fence posts and so on, yet we’ve had nothing go wrong – it’s solid,” says Steve.

“Before we bought it, I made sure the parts would be available: gearbox bits, spools, etc I even bought parts, but they’re still sitting in the shed.”

Visit FarmShop at Central District Field Days on Site W66.

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