The biodegradable clips are designed to replace traditional plastic clips that are used to hold nets over crops to keep birds and other pests away.

A research partnership with Scion is bearing fruit for a Christchurch company set to export biodegradable vine clips for the first time.

Onions New Zealand agronomist Rob Cox believes it is possible to grow a successful onion crop in New Zealand using fewer chemical sprays.

A demonstration onion farm in Pukekohe is combining modern disease forecasting tools with old school knowledge to show that onions can be grown effectively with fewer chemical sprays.

Adopting IPM practices brings financial as well as environmental benefits for potato growers.

Pukekohe potato growers have been told that adopting integrated pest management (IPM) practices will mean financial as well as environmental benefits.

Compacted soils and soils with shallow impermeable layers are particularly prone to waterlogging.

Waterlogging in soil occurs when the root zone becomes saturated, and the air between the soil particles is replaced with water.

Martin Lishman’s data logger is designed to replicate the movement characteristics of fresh produce during handling and transport.

In an industry estimated to be worth up to US$9 billion a year, offering the highest quality flowers possible is at the forefront of any operation.

Finding what common soil characteristics define a high-yielding avocado orchard could help increase production by creating a benchmark for growers. Delwyn Dickey reports.

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