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Restructure is the buzz word

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New Zealand’s bee industry has appointed a consulting firm to advise the industry on how best to unify under one representative body.

 Currently several bodies and membership organisations represent the industry. A situation, which is inefficient and stifles industry development, says Kim Singleton, Chair of the Interim Industry Working Group established to manage this project.

“This process is about exploring options that provide a more effective and better resourced industry organisation and to do that we need an outside look in.  That’s why we’ve brought in a consultancy firm.”

Singleton says Catalyst Limited will lead the project and work with a range of industry stakeholders over the coming months.  They will consult and research a number of viable options with the most appropriate organisational structures and funding mechanisms.

“It’s about both leading and supporting the bee industry more proactively.

“The bee industry is worth over $5 billion a year to the New Zealand economy and there is plenty of scope to expand that level of return.  However, we need to have the right infrastructure and resources in place to facilitate the industry’s continued development.” Singleton concludes.

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