Thursday, 04 October 2018 11:31

Own goal

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Your old mate realises he risks an outpouring of hatred and bile from the tin foil hat-wearing types who support the anti-1080 movement, but he reckons they have proven beyond a doubt that they are total nutjobs.

This old mutt suggests the blowback for the anti-1080 cause has been irreparably damaged thanks to the ‘staged’ killing of native birds during the group’s recent protest at parliament. Any public support the group hopes to garner for its crusade evaporated faster than the toxic effect of 1080 hitting water (that will rile them) when it turned out the supposed 1080-killed native birds – those they brought to their protest outside parliament – had, in fact, been bludgeoned to death. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Mind you the Hound thinks this is a good thing!


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