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Randox Unveils Wine Analysis Technology

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Randox RX misano wine analyser. Randox RX misano wine analyser.

International wine analysis firm Randox says their new RX misano wine analyser is leading the technological development of analytical chemistry for winemakers.


Analytical chemistry has been an essential task for oenologists for generations, but Randox say the RX misano will make the task much simpler than it was even just five years ago.

“Having worked with the world’s leading wineries for a decade, we know that every producer is different and so we have developed an analyser with capabilities that can be tailored to suit,” says Janine McMullan, wine business manager for Randox Food Diagnostics.

The product allows wineries and wine laboratories a choice of two detection systems (LED and halogen), which can be selected based on the individual requirements of the winemaker. It also offers an extensive testing range with wavelengths between 280nm and 700nm.

Randox say the machine produces results within +/- 1% of UKAS accredited reference materials.

Along with user-friendly features including a responsive touch screen, favourites menu, on screen prompts and the ability to export data in excel format, Randox says the analyser also features a new smart monitoring system, which automatically detects potential analysis problems and reports them to the user.

This includes issues such as air bubbles and clots, as well as monitoring environmental conditions to prevent overheating. It also has the ability to power down when the temperature required for analysis is reached, making it more efficient.

“The RX misano offers the flexibility of increased wavelengths, open channels and a new smart monitoring system; combined with its accuracy and ease of use, it represents a game changer in oenological analysis,” says McMullan.

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