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Actress markets new milk product

Written by  Staff Reporters
Actress Antonia Prebble is helping introduce New Zealand to a brand-new source of toddler nutrition made with grass-fed New Zealand sheep milk. Actress Antonia Prebble is helping introduce New Zealand to a brand-new source of toddler nutrition made with grass-fed New Zealand sheep milk.

Sheep milk producer Spring Sheep has roped in actress Antonia Prebble to market its new premium Gentle Sheep Toddler Milk Drink.

Mum to 20-month-old Freddie, Prebble says she is delighted to be helping introduce New Zealand to a brand-new source of toddler nutrition made with grass-fed New Zealand sheep milk.

Prebble says she was drawn to Spring Sheep Milk's "gentle approach to nutrition for Kiwi toddlers and the rich nutritional and digestive benefits of sheep milk".

"I am really mindful when it comes to what I give Freddie to eat and drink, and working with the team at Spring Sheep, I saw early on that they are just as passionate about what goes into their product.

"They have created something pretty wonderful with their toddler milk," Prebble says. "Among its many benefits, it's also gentle, super yummy and may be a great alternative for those who struggle with cow's milk. Spring Sheep has opened up my eyes to sheep milk and I can't wait to share those learnings with my friends.

"As a mum, when you discover something so genuinely good you cannot wait to get the word out there and share it with other parents because you know they will love it too."

As part of the Spring Sheep team, Prebble will be sharing her journey with Spring Sheep Milk Co and the toddler drink on social media and will be answering questions from other parents interested in the benefits of Gentle Sheep Toddler Milk Drink and why sheep milk really is nature's super milk for Kiwi toddlers everywhere.

Spring Sheep chief marketing officer Andrea Wilkins says Prebble is a natural fit to the Spring Sheep family.

"Antonia shares in our gentle approach to nutrition while valuing our land and animals," says Wilkins.

"We are so excited to have her on board and look forward to bringing the benefits of grass-fed New Zealand sheep milk to more parents, whilst also creating a new sheep dairying industry for New Zealand."

Gentle Sheep Toddler Milk Drink is specially formulated by experts for one-to-three-year-olds whose diets may benefit from supplementation. It is available in select supermarkets and through Spring Sheep's website.

The toddler milk drink is the latest Spring Sheep product to launch in New Zealand, following its Full Cream Sheep Milk Powder.

Overseas, Spring Sheep has already earned recognition for its gentle nature, exporting its Gentle Sheep Toddler Milk Drink to Malaysia for two years, where there is a high reported incidence of digestive issues. The product was a finalist in the Nutraingredients Asia Awards for Infant & China Nutrition Initiative of the Year in 2020.

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