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Sheds as secure as can be

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There is a limit to what farmers can do to improve security on their farms, says Federated Farmers Dairy chairman Andrew Hoggard.

His comments follow the publicity surrounding the news of a 1080 threat to infant milk formula. At a news conference it was suggested farmers should secure their milk supply.

But Hoggard points out that farmers need to keep their sheds and facilities open at all times for tankers to collect their milk. Beyond installing a security camera they can do little more, he says.

“In the modern cowshed there is quite a bit of technology and kit but we have to leave everything open for tankers,” he told Dairy News.

“More and more farmers are installing security. I have tried a number of different cameras including game trail ones. The worry I have with those is that the criminal could quite easily steal it and I’d never know who the criminal was.”

Hoggard has a camera connected to his computer providing pictures of anyone entering his cow shed. Plenty of equipment is being stolen from cows sheds, an ongoing problem, he says. – Peter Burke

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