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Gasket sealant in a bottle

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An easy-to-use solution in a bottle is said to cure engine ills such as blown head gaskets, cracked cylinder heads or blocks and porous castings in minutes.

It lasts for the life of the engine and has a money-back guarantee. 

The new K-Seal Ultimate head gasket repair works in minutes, getting vehicles going again for much less than the cost of normal engine repairs and faster, the supplier says. 

Expensive head gasket repairs usually consign older vehicles to the scrapyard but K-Seal Ultimate might offer a cost-effective solution and extend vehicle life.

The formula is said to work with all water-cooled engines without the need to drain or flush the cooling system, irrespective of the type of antifreeze or coolant used. 

In use, K-Seal Ultimate is poured into the cooling system through the header or expansion tank (not into the core), the engine run up to operating temperature, and the solution circulates around the block and head, sealing cracks. 

One bottle of the solution is enough to fix blown head gaskets and cracked heads in all types of cars, SUVs and small trucks; truck and bus engines may need two bottles.

A two-year test by the engineering division of Brighton University included comparisons with other products and certified the product to the stringent American Standard D-3147 after two test sequences in succession. 


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