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Inverter brings more power

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Projecta’s new IP3000-24 inverter. Projecta’s new IP3000-24 inverter.

More appliances and electrical gear on vehicles and boats raises the demand for power.

The key to this is a good inverter, e.g. Projecta’s new IP3000-24 (one of its Intelli-wave units), reckoned ideal on larger vehicles with 24V electrics.

Computers, displays and even drones brings high load demand, and the IP3000-24 is up to the task -- 6000W of peak power for up to 3 seconds and 4500W for up to 10 seconds.

It will provide 2400W/10A of continuous power via its 240V AC socket and 3000W/13A when hardwired via the included wiring kit.

 The new inverter can also be wired for remote activation via the switch node, which allows it to be installed out of sight for OEM applications. A selectable ‘eco mode’ allows the inverter to shut off output if load value drops below 50VA, preserving power. 

Safety features include voltage, temperature, fault and overload protections to protect appliances, electrical systems and batteries. The inverter is isolated and meets the latest AS/NZS 4763 standards.

Fault code LED indicators ensure easy error diagnosis and an audio alarm warns of faults. 

A two-year warranty applies. 


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