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MF extends hay, forage range

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Massey Ferguson’s new sleek round baler. Massey Ferguson’s new sleek round baler.

Massey Ferguson says it will add new products to the MF hay and forage range for farmers and contractors.

These will include an upgraded, new-look fixed chamber round baler range and new fixed and variable chamber baler and wrapper combination units. 

The MF RB 3130F gets a sleek new appearance, with redesigned side panels enhancing ergonomics, and many upgrades under the covers to improve performance and bale quality. 

Also, the MF RB 3130F Xtracut offers increased versatility by chopping forage for easier feeding and enhanced feed quality. 

MF RB 3130F balers use a camless pick-up for high speed feeding with low maintenance. It uses five tine bars with a spacing of 64mm to provide higher capacity and smooth, even feed at high speed. These are positioned close to the rotor to improve crop flow and reduce the risk of blockage. The layout also includes two 25cm diameter feeding augers to direct crop to the centre of the feed channel to help improve bale shape.

Eighteen Powergrip rollers form the fixed chamber, while a spiral layout with slightly reduced diameter at the front improves feeding and bale rotation and helps to increase density and net grip when wrapping.

Mechanical tail-gate locks with pressure sensors on both sides help to maintain bale shape, with left/right indication allowing the operator to monitor the outer layers of bale via the in-cab screen.

Xtracut models can be equipped with 13, 17 or 25 knives, using a knife design that is longer to ensure all material is cut properly. Xtracut 17 and 25 versions use two sets of hydraulically operated knife banks, allowing the operator to choose a single knife bank, both knife banks or to disengage all knives for optimum flexibility.

Hydroflexcontrol offers a two-stage protection system against crop blockages, using automatic mechanical floor cushioning to clear minor blockages and hydraulically controlled floor lowering to clear big obstructions.

The Varionet net wrapping system has a special net tensioning and spreading device that deals with various widths and types of net for fast wrapping from edge to edge or over the edge.

The new MF RB 3130F Protec and MF RB 4160V Protec balers offer the benefits of the MF fixed and variable chamber balers with the addition of an integrated wrapper. Two active guide plates on both sides of the baler direct the bale to the centre of the wrapper plate. 

For safety on hillsides, slope transfer mode allows the transfer arm to move more slowly while the wrapper ring is lifted higher to receive the bale. 

Once transferred to the centre of the wrapping table, a hydraulically driven wrapping ring begins its rotation even before the tailgate is fully closed, completing the cycle well before the next bale is formed. 

The wrapping table is lowered for unloading, reducing bale rolling speed, and that in turn prevents film damage and maintains bale shape. An optional bale tipper places bales on their ends, preventing them from rolling away and making for easier loading on the trailer. 

An external control panel on the baler allows control of the tailgate, wrapping ring and table and the film pre-stretchers for easy film roll change, maintenance or cleaning.

In the cab, the E-Link Pro monitor uses ISOBUS technology with a large bright screen, giving the operator more information and control of the baler. 

The MF RB 3130F Protec and RB 4160V Protec can also be controlled via the tractor’s ISOBUS monitor, where fitted. 

The baler wrapper combination is fitted with a rear-view camera for better control of the wrapper.


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