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New applicator spreads seeds, granules far and wide

Written by  Mark Daniel
A key feature is the use of external distribution heads located along the toolbar, meaning the length of small-bore pipework is kept to a minimum. A key feature is the use of external distribution heads located along the toolbar, meaning the length of small-bore pipework is kept to a minimum.

Complementing the firm’s turbo Jet range, the new Stocks Ag Maxi Jet pneumatic applicators can spread seed and granules to widths of 15m and at rates from 1 kg/ha and 200 kg/ha.

Able to apply material at rates of up to 200 kg/ha on machines up to a 6m spreading width, alternatively, it can be used to spread material at more conventional application rates to distances up to 15 metres, making it the widest-spreading Stocks applicator to date.

A key feature is the use of external distribution heads located along the toolbar, meaning the length of small-bore pipework is kept to a minimum, with the result that air and material flows are restricted as little as possible.

Two or four-outlet metering units are available to supply the standard eight-outlet distribution heads, meaning it is possible to have up to 32 spreader plates across the working width of the machine to which the applicator is attached. If even wide set ups are required, there is the option for larger bespoke distribution heads, with up to 20 outlets each. Usually, the company recommends the two-outlet Maxi Jet 2 for working widths of up to 8m.

Twin high-capacity electric fans are standard, while there is an option of a hydraulically driven unit, fitted as standard on the four-outlet Maxi Jet 4, which is designed for machines up to 15m wide.

During the design process, the Stocks engineering team developed a novel solution to ensure that any material being spread is distributed to the furthest reaches of a 15m toolbar, at the same rate as those in the centre of the machine.

Spiral risers fitted within the 63mm supply hoses to the distribution heads create a vortex effect in the airstream to ensure material is evenly dispersed before it reaches the head, with the result that there is a uniform supply to each of the eight outlets.

As with all Stocks applicators, material is metered out of the hopper by fluted feed rollers, and the new highcapacity versions make it possible to handle large and small seeds at high rates and high application speeds.

The Maxi Jet is also said to be able to meter difficult flowing seeds at much lower rates.

The feed roller can be configured to use just one segment to meter product to each secondary distribution head, then dividing the flow to the delivery hoses and out to each of the spreader outlets.


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