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Six key awards for innovation

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NEW HOLLAND has won six awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) for the fifty most innovative product ideas to go on sale in 2012. These recognise innovation, engineering advancement and impact on the market.

The winners are the 840CD rigid draper head for NH combines, the advanced operator-control system for the NH H8000 series Speedrower self-propelled windrowers, the NH BigBaler series, the NH IntelliFill system for the FR series forage harvesters, the NH ABS SuperSteer anti-lock braking system (available on New Holland T7 series tractors) and the NH T9 series tractor homologated option, approved for driving on roads in Europe.

Grain producers can maximise the high capacity of their combine in cereals, grains, rice and other specialty crops with the New Holland 840CD rigid draper head. It is available in cutting widths 7.5-13.5m and uses the patented SynchroKnife drive.

 This centre knife-drive system works the same wqay as the two opposing knife drives used in larger heads, but eliminates the vibrations they can cause by continually keeping the opposing knifes perfectly synchronised. 

The advanced operator-control system for H8000 Speedrower self-propelled windrowers is designed to give greater operator convenience and control.  It includes a multifunction handle, software that provides additional operator feedback, and an IntelliView touch-screen monitor. 

The MFH provides fingertip control of all header adjustments, including a return-to-cut control that allows a double click of a button to raise the header at the headland and a single click to return to the previous cut-height setting. 

New Holland’s BigBaler is said to set a new benchmark in baling performance from up to a 20% increase in capacity and up to 5% denser bales. It suits commercial hay operations, straw contractors as well as owner-operators.

The machine’s new pick-up has a new full-width feed assist roller with paired overshot-undershot augers at both ends to pull in material to ensure complete pick-up of crop for baling. 

It has S-shaped side shields that work with crop guides to improve crop flow and windrow separation. SmartFill feed indicators use sensors in the pre-compression chamber to sense incoming crop and guide the operator via the IntelliView display, ensuring square-edge bales with balanced side-to-side density. 

The New Holland IntelliFill trailer-filling system allows the operator to concentrate on achieving optimal crop flow and field progress instead of focusing on filling the trailer. It is an option on NH FR series self-propelled forage harvesters. It uses a 3D camera that allows the operator to fill a trailer accurately and with minimal losses. 

Deflector position and spout orientation are automatically controlled, based on the information collected by the 3D camera, to consistently fill trailers to the level specified. 

NH ABS SuperSteer (available on NH T7 series tractors) offers the safety and control of an anti-lock braking system with the company’s tight-turning SuperSteer front axle. 

The system has the same safety features as ABS fitted to a passenger car: improved stability, especially when braking under load, and safer, more controlled steering while braking. 

The system monitors wheel rotation and braking force to eliminate wheel lockup, even on wet or icy roads. 

It provides straight-line braking if wheels on one side are on a different surface than the other side. ABS SuperSteer allows steering around an obstacle when braking hard or sharply. 

New Holland is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.  

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