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When small works fine

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Jason Turner with his new Kioti NX 6020 tractor. Jason Turner with his new Kioti NX 6020 tractor.

The Kioti NX 6020 tractor has been a "real eye-opener" for Jason and Rowan Turner, who, like many, had been using too bigger tractors for small jobs.

The fourth-generation farmers milk 380 Friesian Cross cows near Te Awamutu. 

Using in-shed feeding and a feed pad, they saw production hit 505kgMS/cow in the 2017-18 season, and the current season looks like hitting their target of 550kgMS.

About six months ago, they took delivery of a Kioti NX 6020 ROPS tractor with frontloader; it soon proved a great asset and an integral part of the Turner team. 

While larger tractors do the heavy tasks, the 60hp, 4-cyl utility Kioti, with a 3-stage hydrostatic transmission, has quickly become the ‘go-to’ tractor for many smaller tasks.

Much of its time is spent carrying a transport tray on the rear, invaluable during the calving season and often enduring ground conditions that made travel with a quad near impossible. 

Collecting calves from the paddock at busy times, the Turners even towed a small trailer behind the transport tray to carry several calves in one trip.

“We chose the Kioti on the recommendation of Murray Barclay at Power Farming Te Awamutu, who we have dealt with for many years and respect his advice,” said Jason.

“The tractor is simple to use with everybody on the farm able to drive it, especially with the pedal operated hydro system. Its manoeuvrable, has 4WD and diff lock for the sticky stuff and can turn its hand to just about any job.”

Now with about 200 hours clocked up, the tractor is kept busy towing a 1000L, 80-teat calfeteria to the young stock and keeps things tidy around the feed-pad with a loader-mounted yard scraper. 

The factory loader up front gets plenty of work handling calf feed and hay bales and occasionally unloading delivery vehicles.

Says Jason: “This tractor has been a real eye-opener for us, as like many we probably used bigger tractors for far too many small jobs. 

“All we need now is grass growth and a period of dry weather as we plan to use the little Kioti on a conventional baler to knock out hay for the young stock.”


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