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Milk in bio-cartons hits shelves

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FrieslandCampina FrieslandCampina

European Dairy co-op FrieslandCampina will from next month sell its fresh milk and buttermilk in ‘bio-based’ cartons.

The already-paper cartons will have their caps and coatings made from certified-organic waste polyethylene.

FrieslandCampina says this innovation makes the container the most sustainable beverage carton ever. “The CO2 footprint of this bio-based milk carton is 20% lower than the current carton.”

 The co-op’s managing director in the Netherlands, Berndt Kodden, recently presented a carton to Jacqueline Cramer, professor of sustainable innovation, Utrecht University.

Says Knodden, “In recent years our beverage carton has undergone a sustainable evolution. Now we [have] a bio-based milk carton in which we invest in the transition to renewable raw materials.”

Cramer says the carton fits perfectly within the movement to a ‘circular’ economy, where the raw material of the carton is completely renewable. “This step can work as a flywheel because the technology is accessible to everyone.”

The carton is a useful application of waste streams, the co-op says.   The material supplier, Elopak, says it hopes the project will lead to an increase in demand for the certified bio-based cartons.


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