Friday, 15 February 2019 11:41

Weed wipers get an upgrade

Written by  Mark Daniel
Rotowiper produces a range of machines from widths of 1.8 to 12m and in several configurations. Rotowiper produces a range of machines from widths of 1.8 to 12m and in several configurations.

Rotowiper manufacturers a wide range of weed wipers — from 1.8 to 12m in several configurations.

And the company can custom manufacture to suit specific needs, e.g. a 500mm wide unit for use under grapevines. Formats include linkage mounted (LMU), fold-up (FU) and trailed (TR) versions.

Working based on a spray line and mounted above a reverse-rotating, carpeted roller, a sprayer moistens the roller with herbicide which then ‘wipes’ targeted weeds. This targeting incurs none of the costs of traditional blanket spraying with its risk to an existing crop.

With a strong focus on R&D, Rotowiper recently released its new TR series to replace the well-known WCF range. The TR range comprises five key models — TR18 (1.8m), TR24 (2.4m), TR28 (2.8), TR32 (3.2M) and TR45 (4.5m).

Functionality is a key feature — a single, ratchet height adjuster and a spring-loaded roller drive engagement system help speed up the transition from transport to work. 

The former will also ensure that the working height is set correctly, allowing maximum contact with weed plants without damaging the crop beneath. 

Tank levelling is also in the new design to allow the reservoir to be kept level when working at different heights or when fitted to different towing vehicles. Also, storage and ease of transport are addressed with the fitment of fold-up drawbars on all models.

Greater durability is addressed by a double frame to handle tough, high-country conditions, and strong RHS single wheel legs and solid stub axles fitted with high-speed wheel bearings. 

Purchasers are offered the option of a high-quality paint or zinc finish to the frame; the latter prevents corrosion and extends the working life of the unit.

For operators looking to cover large areas, the new 12m heavy-duty trailed model should be welcome. This comprises a single 2m central unit and four 2.5m outer sections that are driven hydraulically. The unit also has hydraulically adjustable depth control legs. 

A heavy-duty frame carries a spray tank of 400L, said to cover 20 - 40ha per fill; its transport width is just 3.1m.

Control of this high output machine is via one control box overseeing the individual 7.6L/min pumps fitted to each roller assembly, with fully automatic control or manual control for the whole unit or individual sections. 

A second control box looks after transport and depth control wheels and the hydraulic folding function.


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