Quota watch

The Hound understands that Mike Petersen’s time as NZ agriculture’s special trade envoy will soon end.

What a jerk

Your old mate notes that serial whinger Mike Joy continues to put the boot into the farming sector.

Making it up

This old mutt is unsurprised that the highly paid mouthpieces at the multinational, tax-dodging eco-terrorism group Greenpeace continue making stuff up to fit its anti-farming narrative. 

Out of touch

OPINION: This old mutt reckons many of the highly paid executives in farm industry-good organisations are so removed from the day-to-day reality of farming we need not be surprised at the disconnect between them and their levy paying employers (the farmers).

Not so good

OPINION: The Hound is picking up a growing sense of frustration and disappointment from farmers NZ-wide about how their supposed ‘industry good’ organisations – which they fund – seem to be selling them out to curry favour with the Government.


OPINION: Your old mate believes the moves by our politicians to try to prevent an awful recurrence of the March 15 Christchurch shootings are highly laudable but ultimately hopeless.

Bad taste

OPINION: Your canine crusader was not surprised to see that Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor’s solution to problems with winter grazing was to set up another committee.

Good point

A mate of the Hound’s, recently back home in Wakefield, Nelson following a month in Christchurch for medical treatment, reckons health and safety, ACC and other rules being imposed on farmers are ridiculous compared to other risky sectors.

What ethics?

Your old mate just about choked on his bone when he read a media release from the multinational, tax dodging, perennially anti farming organisation Greenpeace calling on Feds to stop “kicking farmers”.


The Hound can’t believe how full of hot air this Government is in demanding the ag sector reduce its carbon footprint – no matter what the cost – while it fails to do anything itself.

No idea!

This old mutt was flabbergasted at the reaction by some mainstream (lamestream) media to the news that Todd Muller would be replacing the retiring former primary industries minister Nathan Guy as National’s new spokesman in the portfolio.


Your old mate notes that Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor (also a local MP) loudly disapproved of Westland Milk directors and shareholders overwhelmingly voting to sell the co-op to Yili.


Not content with slapping extra costs on the country’s farmers in the form of an ETS tax, impossible targets to cut methane and impending charges to improve water quality, the Government now wants more.

No farmers

A mate of the Hound reckons the outcome of this year’s Young Farmer of the Year contest should be a real concern to New Zealand’s Young Farmers and the annual competition itself.

Your canine crusader reckons it might be time to reinvent the old ‘Punch a Pom’ campaign, calling it ‘Cuff a Vegan’.

This old mutt notes that millionaire Hollywood producer and advocate for mung bean farming James Cameron is happy to fly around the world clocking up carbon emissions and telling NZ farmers to cull their cows.

A mate of the Hound reckons some major agricultural companies wanting to promote their ideas and services could learn from the young ladies from St Pauls Collegiate.

The Hound reckons claims by the Government that it would be the most “open and transparent” ever elected when it took office are a recurring joke.

Your canine crusader has been told that claims by the controversial ‘agricultural economist’ Peter Fraser that Fonterra will ‘end up in foreign hands’ are not helping O’Connor and his team calm the waters in the dairy sector claim Fraser had a conflict of interest and should not have been part…

Your old mate notes that a recent report out of Oxford University, no less, shows the carbon footprint of New Zealand’s milk production is pretty damn good.

Your canine crusader finds it hard to have any fondness for the banks in this country.

Your old mate is constantly surprised at what snowflakes we have bred in the so-called ‘millennial’ and ‘generation Z’ types.

A mate of the Hound reckons former Fonterra director Ashley Waugh must have taken to heart his failure last year to get re-elected to the dairy co-op’s board.

OPINION: Your canine crusader finds it ironic that the pompously self-proclaimed ‘champion’ of the provinces and ‘first citizen’ of regional NZ, Shane Jones, is single handedly destroying the regions.


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The Hound

Quota watch

The Hound understands that Mike Petersen’s time as NZ agriculture’s special trade envoy will soon end.

What a jerk

Your old mate notes that serial whinger Mike Joy continues to put the boot into the farming sector.

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