Yeah, right!

OPINION: Your old mate reckons recent ‘research’ carried out by consultants PWC – claiming that ‘actively managed carbon forestry’ creates 25% more local jobs than sheep and beef farming on low productivity land – is about as accurate as a bent rifle.

All Claas!

OPINION: Your canine crusader - like many in the sector probably would have - raised an eyebrow when he heard the news that UK Tory Party MP Neil Parish was recently forced to resign after he "accidentally" opened an X-rated video while looking at machinery online.

Done deal

OPINION: This old mutt continues to be flabbergasted by the sheer audacity and mendacious behaviour of the current inhabitants of the Beehive.

Joined at hip?

OPINION: The Hound suggests if there was any doubt that our so-called farmer industry bodies are little more than a bunch of quislings who are fully in the Government's pocket, then a recent publicity stunt will have quelled that doubt.

Say what?

OPINION: This old mutt almost choked while chewing his bone when he happened upon the latest politically-correct advice that’s been given to public servants about the way that they must communicate with people to be more ‘inclusive’.

Why bother?

OPINION: A mate of the Hound’s recently applied for membership with Ashburton-based farm supply co-operative Ruralco.

Muddy waters!

OPINION: A recent Official Information Act (OIA) release shows that the Government paid almost $30k to an ‘advertising guru’ for key advice that shaped its disastrous $3 million Three Waters advertising campaign last year.

Get real!

OPINION: The Hound wonders why so much fuss was made about the PM’s recent overseas trip to Singapore and Japan.

Full disclosure?

OPINION: A mate of the Hound's recently pointed him to a podcast called The Detail, and a recent episode covering the emergence of rural ginger group Groundswell.

Wood for trees?

OPINION: There is huge concern in rural communities around NZ about good sheep and beef farmland being bought by - mainly overseas-owned - carbon farming concerns.

Could be worse!

OPINION: Your canine crusader reckons that the people behind the Campaign for Wool are doing God's work in promoting the natural sheep fibre as sustainable, renewable and the next best thing since sliced bread.


OPINION: Your old mate notes that the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, recently granted leave for appeal for one Michael John Smith v Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited.


OPINION: This old mutt understands a farmer had an 'interesting' experience when recently chosen by MBIE for a 'site visit' to audit their employment records.

Sound familiar?

OPINION: Your canine crusader recently came across a report about several issues and problems farmers face in reducting agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

OPINION: The Hound notes that the New Zealand Taxpayers' Union recently revealed how the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has spent over $2 million on furniture in just 18 months.

OPINION: Your old mate reckons a nasty war looks to be brewing in NZ farming politics.

OPINION: Your canine crusader was a little taken aback by the recent ruminations of Feds national president Andrew Hoggard about the Ukraine/Russian conflict.

OPINION: This old mutt has to giggle when organisations try to jump on bandwagons.

OPINION: The Hound suggests that former All Black legend and King Country farmer, the late, great Sir Colin Meads, will be turning in his grave at the antics of current AB halfback TJ Perenara.

OPINION: The recent tightening of the political polls must be having a similar effect on the sphincters of the current leadership in the Beehive.

OPINION: Your canine crusader reckons we should all be more aware of the latest environment scam - those companies who say they are planting trees in an effort to mitigate any environmental damage their current business practice is doing.

OPINION: The Hound hears that it's not all happiness and light in the world of the Climate Action Partnership - or as it has oh-so politically correctly called itself - He Waka Eke Noa (HWEN).

OPINION: Your old mate suggests with the way things are currently going and record milk prices, the shiny suits at Fonterra should be the last people in need of a government subsidy.

OPINION: This old mutt reckon the anti-vax protestors - who camped out on Parliament's lawns for the best part of a month - must have had some pretty wealthy funders.

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The Hound

Yeah, right!

OPINION: Your old mate reckons recent ‘research’ carried out by consultants PWC – claiming that ‘actively managed carbon forestry’ creates…

All Claas!

OPINION: Your canine crusader - like many in the sector probably would have - raised an eyebrow when he heard…

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