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Sub-soilers shatter yield-robbing layers

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Great Plains sub-soiler. Great Plains sub-soiler.

Designed for deep vertical tillage, the Great Plains inline sub-soiler, marketed by Norwood, shatters yield-robbing compaction layers created by horizontal tillage tools such as ploughs and discs.

With a working depth of 300 to 400mm, the autumn tillage tool resets the soil profile and maintains uniform soil density with minimal topsoil disturbance.

Its high-tensile frame has 9.5mm walled tubing for added strength and durability. Units are available in 700mm (6 shank) or 750mm (5 shank) spacings. 

At the business end, a no-till, winged point 250mm wide is used ahead of a 19mm thick no-till shank. The no-till point minimises surface disturbance and the wings create lift and maximise shatter at the sub-surface levels. 

Rearwards of the shanks, 25mm) solid rods carry 410mm diameter berm conditioners to help provide a level surface, enabling single-pass seedbed preparation. 

Overload protection against sub-surface obstacles like large stone rocks or timber is ensured by auto-reset shanks with a trip force of 1360kgs. 

Depth control is set by large diameter depth wheels with screw jacks for easy adjustment.

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